Jazz Portal of Michal Urbaniak featuring lot'of music info and happenings
Multilingual info, reviews, press, interviews, biobook, etc from Mike Urbaniak's incredible life and music career
For More Info go to: www,urbaniak.com www.urbanator.com www.urbanatordays.com
For New York
Site dedicated to WTC Tragedy on Sep. 11th & concerts & actions to tell everybody: "United We Stand" Special Concert on Sep 11th at Sowinski Park in Warsaw, Poland
Urbanator Com
Page about Mike Urbaniak's famous group "Urbanator" featuring new Fusion of Hip-Hop & Jazz! He calls it HipBop
Decadence Project
Soundtrack for aword winning movie and music: "Farewell To Autumn"
Urbanizer - vocal R&B Project of Michal Urbaniak and friends, Produced by Michal Urbaniak
First time in the History Hip-Bop Group with Us rapper gave concert and recorded live album, TV show and video!
Miles of Blue


Don Blackman
Dave Gilmore
Tom Browne
Otto Williams
Troy Miller

Music Downloads

Butik of Urbaniak's music and merchandise including music of his friends and favorites
View Urbaniak's EPK View Urbaniak's EPK
Urbaniak's Videos
Video of breath taking hit single of Urbanator I : Chemeleon" and few others. Check it out!!!!
Urbaniak Cd's on CD Baby
That is the website where you can get my CD's
Indie Band Manager
Great Software to keep track of bands career, bookings and "all that jazz"
Urbanator Video
Michal Urbaniak & Urbanator

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