UbxNews New York, 4/16/07 The New York record label, UBX Records is planning to release a two album series of Michal Urbaniak. During his music career, Urbaniak has a played with the greatest jazz musicians. On his albums, you will find recordings with the participation of the most famous from the New York and world Jazz scene. From the first series, „Jazz Legends“, belongs to the best of acoustic jazz. Most of the recordings were recorded in various music studios and the famous Village Vanguard. Shortly, the first album from the series „Jazz Legends“ will be released. Besides Michal Urbaniak, playing on the violin, you will hear musicians such as: Ted Dunbar –guitar, Kenny Barron – piano, Buster Williams and Roy Haynes – drums. On the following albums in the“Jazz Legends“ series, recordings of the following musicians will be presented alongside Michal Urbaniak. On piano: Kenny Barron, Michael Gerber, Dave Kikowski , Jim Pryor Bass players: Buster Williams, Ron Carter, Michael Moore Drummers: Roy Haynes, Kenny Washington, Lenny White, Guitarist: Ted Dunbar, Larry Coryell, Gene Bertoncini. On the second series „Fusion Legends“ you will hear such fantastic musicians as: Marcus Miller, Lenny White, Omar Hakim, Victor Bailey, Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, Basil Farrington, Larry Coryell, John Abercrombie, Herbie Hancock, Kenny Kirkland, Bernard, Wright, Don Blackman, Nicki Richards, Toots Thielmans, Tom Browne. A few facts… It’s important to remember, that in 1974, Michal Urbaniak’s band „Fusion“, played music rich in melody and irregular rhythm inspired by Urban Jazz & R&B music combined at times with his ethnic roots (polish folk music). Since those days, Michal plays on a five string violin especially made for him, on a synthesizer violin, saxophones and on a lyricon (an electric saxophone instrument). This original and creative,and very inovative music called Fusion was met with much enthusiasm in America and around the world. Michal Urbaniak , known as one of the pioneers of Fusion music became an extremely popular artist. This exceptionally well received album „Fusion“ for Columbia Records, made it possible for the artist/composer to continue recording albums in similar styles, such as; „Atma“ and „Fusion III“ which were the leading projects on Michal Urbaniak’s path of success both as Columbia recording artist and worldwide touring atraction. He easily promoted his new sound, the unusual combination of Polish folk with beloved black music and with electric rock sounds.. In 1975 – 1989, the group „Michal Urbaniak Fusion“ not only attracted manymusic lovers, fans, exceptional jazz musicians, but also created a community of young musicians that later played with artist’s such as Miles Davis, Whether Report, Santana and Sting. Michal, himself played of Miles Davis’s record „Tutu“ and preformed with him. These musicians among others will appear on the next series of records that will be released on Ubx, as „Fusion Legends“ It will be a series were one can find everything that shows how exceptional Michal Urbaniak ahd his friends are both in acoustic jazz and electric jazz fusion. Coordinated with records releases, Ubx Booking is putting together preformances by the Michal Urbaniak band with his wonderful guests By: Ubx Productions Inc. 145 West 58th St.#10B, New York, NY 10019, USA Ph: +1646797300, Fx: +12122082422, Skype: urbguru or ubxteam joe@ubx.net, info@ubx.net, www.urbaniak.com, www.urbanator.com

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