Michał Urbaniak in tribute to Miles Davis - October 5, 2009

It’s been 50 years since Miles Davis”s “Kind Of Blue”  was released. This highly popular, most recognized and the best selling record in the history of jazz is one of the favorites of the world-famous violinist  Michał Urbaniak. It is said, if he was to lend on a desert island, he would take only this one record with him.

Miles Davis heard Urbaniak for the first time in Johnny Garson’s  famed American program “Tonight Show” broadcasted by NBC. It was Garson who described Urbaniak’s music as “the most burning, interesting tones since the Rolling Stones”. When Davis saw and heard Urbaniak in “Tonight Show” , he said: “Give me this Polish fucking fiddler, he's got the sound”. Soon after that, in 1985 the artists met to work on the famous “Tutu”.

Michał Urbaniak had ready a few compositions when Davis passed away, but decided not to take part in the general trend of recording “for Miles Davis”. He kept the outlines of these songs, though. Now we can hear some of them on his latest record “Miles Of Blue” which will be released on October 5, 2009. The record is dedicated to Miles Davis and other musicians who played with him and with Michał Urbaniak.

On the 25th of October Michał Urbaniak and world-famous musicians shall give a special concert in tribute to Miles Davis at Sala Kongresowa  in Warsaw.  

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