On 05.10.2009 Michal Urbaniak's album „Miles of Blue” was released. The album (with a title that is a characteristic for Urbaniak play on words) is a tribute to the art of the jazz god Miles Davis. The Artist recorded the album in cooperation with a number of distinguished musicians from New York and abroad. Michal Urbaniak, a New Yorker by choice, is the only violinist to have worked with the guru of world jazz – Michal Urbaniak. The album remained among the top five bestsellers on the european chain of music stores and within two months gained the status of the double Platinum Album.

On 6 June 2010, during a special concert at the amphitheatre of the Sowiński Park in the Wola district of Warsaw, Michał Urbaniak will receive the Platinum Album. The concert - under the title this time of "Miles & More" - open a new project for the Artist, involving a number of great musicians and artists of different generations. Work on the new album will initiate Michał Urbaniak's autumn concert tour, part of the cycle of Urbanator Days. Traditionally the Wola concert will be graced with the presence of many musicians of stature that Michał Urbaniak is accustomed to inviting to this type of event. In October last year (Jazz Jamboree) Urbaniak surprised the audience during a fantastically received tribute concert to Miles Davis. He invited on the stage the wildly popular rapper O.S.T.R. and the talented jazz singer Monika Borzym. A tried and tested musical combination will perform on 6 June, including Otto Williams, Troy Miller, Femi and other musicians well known to the Polish audiences. At the moment Michał Urbaniak is in New York, where preparations are in progress to the forthcoming release of his album. Many distinguished artists will participate in its recording like.. Xantone Blacq - keys & vocals Jan smoczynski - piano & keys Otto Williams – bas guitar Femi – guitar Troy Miller – drums And...more to be anounced...

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