Warsaw, June 11.2007 To whom it may concern The International Production Group UBX would like to invite you to participate in URBANATOR DAYS, which is an exciting undertaking addressed to musically talented youth, offering them a unique opportunity to debut their talent on stage with top professional jazz musicians. In Poland there are still far too few initiatives that support young talent. This project gives these talented youngsters a chance to work with real American and European musicians. URBANATOR DAYS attempts to build a bridge between these musicians, thereby presenting new skills and talents in an international forum. URBANATOR DAYS consists of the following: Day 1 (27.06.2007): an all-day music workshop lead by Michal Urbaniak and his six-man band from New York and London. During this workshop, the best young talent will be chosen to perform on stage with him and his band at the concert which will take place on the following day. The workshop will be held in the Wola School of Music in Warsaw. The professional artists will be giving lessons in violin, percussion, guitar, voice and keyboards. An internet site has been especially prepared to cover this event so that throughout the entire project the young musicians will be in contact with each other and will be able to learn through chat rooms and e-learning. Various materials will also be made available on this portal. A virtual record label will be formed to distribute CDs and mp3s. A booking agency and a platform for creating internet sites for these young musicians and bands will also be made available. Day 2 (28.06.2007): at 18.00, there will be a concert in Park Sowińskiego (Elekcyjna 17 in the Wola District of Warsaw), which can comfortably seat 3000 guests. Michal Urbaniak’s URBANATOR band (with musicians from New York and London) will perform as well as other invited guests such as: Mika and November Project (a music group managed and promoted by the Awangarda Foundation. The concert will end with a jam session which will include the young musicians chosen at the workshops held the day before together with the URBANATOR band. The concert MC will be Michael Moritz. Poland’s Minister of Culture Mr. K.M. Ujazdowski along with the Mayor of the Wola District of Warsaw shall be honorary patrons of this 2-day event. Media Patrons: Radio PIN, onet.pl, Zycie Warszawy, TVP3 and Newsweek (to be conformed on Monda Michal Urbaniak’s projekt URBANATOR consists of: MICHAL CRAIG GORMAN - http://www.myspace.com/mmmikegorman XANTONE BLACQ - http://www.myspace.com/xanblacq DAVID ITAL - http://profile.myspace.com/daveital1 OTTO WILLIAMS - http://www.myspace.com/ottowilliams TROY MILLER - http://www.myspace.com/troymillerdrummer MICHAL URBANIAK - www.myspace/michalurbaniak

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